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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Title Fight


Studio Albums


  • Kingston 7" (FlightPlan Records, 2008)
  • The Last Thing You Forget 7" (Run For Cover Records, 2009)


  • Demo 04
  • Demo 05
  • Kings of Kingston Demo
  • Acoustic Spilt"


  • The Last Thing You Forget CD (Run For Cover Records, 2009)
  • America's Hardcore (Triple B Records, 2010)

Jamie Rhoden - guitar, vocals
Ned Russin - bass, vocals
Shane Moran - guitar
Ben Russin - drums

  Title Fight-это американская поп панк/хардкор группа из   Кингстона,Пенсильвания,сформировавшиеся в 2003 году.Недавно подписали контракт с SideOneDummy Records и сегодня стало известно,что в ближайшее время собираются выпускать дебютный альбом.

"The whole process of putting out our first LP has been such a long time coming and we appreciate everyone’s patience so far. The past year and a half of our lives have been focused around this record and with that came a lot of situations that we never thought we’d find ourselves in. It’s some shit that we’ll tell our grandkids about. Anyway - what’s important is that the recording process for our first full length record is finished. Walter Schreifels produced it and Will Yip engineered it at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA. SideOneDummy is putting it out. We couldn’t be more excited about that combination. Everyone involved is on the exact same page as us and that’s what we have been working so hard towards since we started even thinking about making this record. We are happy to get things moving on such a positive note and with such an amazing group of people. Keep your ears to the ground for more information and thanks to everyone for everything.


Ned, Ben, Jamie, and Shane"

Сегодня это самая обсуждаемая новость и думаю для многих это самый ожидаемый альбом.Совсем недавно моя подруга из Киева Nastya Orlock сделала интервью с гитаристом группы Джэми.За что ей большое спасибо!

1. Hello Jamie! How are you? What are you doing? What are you listening to right now?

Hey how's it going? I'm doing good thanks. I'm hanging out on a train on the way to Florida, to go see some of my family for the holidays. I've been really into the new Hostage Calm, United Youth, and Tigers Jaw records. 6's and 9's by Mock Orange, and Jawbreaker are always good jams too.

2. I think the most important question for every kid interested in Title Fight is when you are going to release a new record? Have you already began working on it? Any information :)

We are recording the record now near Philadelphia, and it'll probably come out in the Spring of 2011. Our friend Will Yip is recording it. The record's going to be our first full length, but we're not sure how many songs are going on it, the name of it, or details like that.

3. Do you have plans to hit Europe in summer 2011?

We're trying to go back when the new record is out, and that'll probably be around the Spring or Summer. It'll be cool getting some more falafel, and seeing friends again. Daylight might be going in March also so check them out if you can.

4. Back in 2003, what were your thoughts about making this band and writing songs? Did you expect anything special or it was just about having fun with friends?

We started in 6th grade, and we just wanted to make a band, and play shows. I didn't know what to expect. I just knew it'd be fun to start a band with them.

5. Is there an interesting/cool/funny story behind the name 'Title Fight'?

The name Title Fight either came from the arcade game, or a card with a boxer on it. Honesty I'm not sure. Ned came up with it a long time ago, and he probably has a different answer than mine.

I remember just being like "ya Ned that sounds cool", but I didn't really dig it as much as I liked my idea at the time. Thinking about it now though, my idea was awful, and Title Fight definitely is better than what I thought was a good idea.

6. Who makes cover arts for Title Fight records and t-shirt designs? Are there any tee designs that you like the most? Why?

John Garrett Slaby made the cover art for The Last Thing You Forget. He's a friend of ours, and an artist from Philadelphia. I think he's making the artwork for the full length as well.

My favorite T-Shirt designs that we have are the newest ones. We're all into camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. So we've made a bunch of shirts lately dealing with places we like hiking, and hanging out in, in Pennsylvania.

A lot of the older ones are weird, and funny to look at because I don't know how we thought some of the shirts we made were good ideas. I like those ones for different reasons I guess.

7. Guys from TF play in several bands like Disengaged, Stick Together, Bad Seed (RIP), do you personally like those bands? Would you like to make/join a band someday? Or you prefer acoustic one-man projects?

All of those bands are good. Stick Together is awesome.

I form bands with those dudes all the time. Everyone seems to make random side projects. Some friends and I made some songs in this band called Malice a bit ago, and that came out alright.

I think acoustic shows are awkward, but they're still cool to do. I like playing in bands more.

8. What is your favorite tour story?

I'm not sure what my favorite tour story is. We were pulled over by the police for something my friend did at a Subway, so we convinced the cop we were a Christian band, and that they'd got the wrong van. Eventually they realized we weren't telling the truth, and put my friend in handcuffs, and we were band from a random Subway in, I think New Mexico.

9. What band(s) did you like to tour with the most?

I've liked all the tours I've been a part of. We did a tour with Mother of Mercy, and Foundation a while back that was awesome. It was the first full U.S. tour that we did, and Sound & Fury was great that year. We went to Japan with H2O a little bit ago that was sick. Those dudes were really cool people to hang with, and seeing friends from across the world was cool too.

10. Are there any shows that you will remember for a very long time? Why?

We've played a lot of shows that I'm going to remember. Our first show was in 2003 with Blacklisted, Frostbite, and a few other bands at Cafe Metro. Ned and Ben's dad dropped us off at the show since we couldn't drive yet, and about four of my friends showed up since with their parents since they thought the area wasn't good for kids that age. The show wasn't crazy or anything but, it was awesome though because it was the first one. We played a show there a bit ago right before the venue closed down, and that was great.

11. Do you have any hobbies except music and writing cool lyrics? Like drawing or photography? Maybe science addiction?

I like playing baseball. When it's warm out all of the kids from the area play baseball together, and then hang out after at Angelo's when it's to dark to see the ball anymore. The swimming holes in the mountains where I live are gnarly too. I also like skateboarding, chess (I'm not that good), hiking, and am getting into rock climbing.

12. Name please your top 5 bands (and their records if you want) and top 5 movies.

Jawbreaker, Tigers Jaw, The Progress, Braid, and American Football.

Shawshank Redemption, The Ocean's Trilogy, Indiana Jones (not so much the newest one), The Sandlot, and Star Wars. It takes a lot to make me dislike a movie though.

13. As long as you are connected with the hardcore scene what do you think about it? I mean, maybe there are some things that you dislike about it or love the most. How have you become involved in hardcore/punk?

I like the scene. There's a big family vibe in the community. I've made a lot of friends through doing this. There's obviously random kids that are into it for the wrong reasons, but most of those kids eventually bail out of the scene.

14. If you had a chance and opportunity to choose, what movie/cartoon/comics/tv show character would you be?

This is a tough question to answer. Han Solo seemed to have a bunch of cool adventures, and got with a princess. So I'm going to say him, but it's tough to think of one character to be and stick with it.

15. Do you know anything about Russian or Ukrainian bands?

I don't know much about bands from Russia, or Ukraine. I'd like to know more about them though. What are some bands to check out?

16. Tell us please about Wilkes-Barre local scene, seems like is is pretty big and it develops really hard. What WB bands do you like? What scene in the US is your favorite and why?

Wilkes-Barre's got a great scene goin right now. Cold World, Dead End Path, War Hungry, United Youth, Stick Together, and a bunch of other bands we all hang with. Plus bands like Frostbite before. It's a small city, but a great group of bands, and a good sense of community. I'm glad our band, and I am a part of it. We all hang out, go to shows, play baseball, and chill at Angelo's. So it's my favorite scene going on right now.

17. How is it going with your songwriting? I mean not for TF but for single project. I think everybody listed to your split with Brandon Setta (his songs are really wonderful). Do you have any plans to record more acoustic songs?

Thanks for listening to them. I like making acoustic songs, and might make more soon, but it's more of a thing I do when I'm just sitting in my basement. I normally just make them when friends ask to do a split, or a song for a compilation. When those acoustic jams came out a long time ago, I never released them. Some how people got the songs, but that's cool.

18. Is there anything you would like to add or maybe ask?

Ya, would you give me a few good bands from your area to check out, and what's Ukraine like?

Thanks for the interview, check out Hostage Calm.

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