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Monday, May 30, 2011

Interview with Lisa Garelick (Kind Of Like Records)

Keep Up With Kind Of Like Records:

Lisa Garelick is a busy girl. When she's not spends time behind the cooking spicy food, watching Netflix, she's busy discovering and nurturing young bands with she's label Kind Of Like Records. Awesome person and great label. I wish we had more people in punk rock trying to spread shit like this around! 
Thanks to Lisa for answering my questions. 

Hey Lisa! how have you been?

I've been pretty great! The summer season means lots more shows and getting to see my friends from all over the country come through town. So I can not complain.

Right then, first things first, what lead to the start of Kind Of Like Records? And what does Kind Of Like mean to you?

I've wanted to have a record label all my own since I was in college. I've done a bunch of different stuff behind the scenes, but running a record label was the big one. It involved a lot of money and time. Something of which I didn't have. When I got out of college I saved up, found the right band, and pushed forward. So in a way, Kind Of Like is a dream come to life. Hopefully it's something I can continue doing for a long time!

Who are your favorite bands on the Kind Of Like Records roster? What are you most looking forward for the future regarding future releases?

I don't really have a favorite band. Each one is so different and means something else to me. Captain, We're Sinking were the first band I got to work with and they have a special place in my heart forever becuase of that. But bands like Direct Hit remind me that you can have fun and not take life so seriously, so that's pretty great too. 

As for the future, we've got a big announcement coming up this week about a new record that I can't wait for people to hear! We also have Great Cynics (formerly Cynics) new record Don't Need Much out on June 14th and a new release for Timeshares in the fall. We'll probably have one or two more for the year then close it out. 

 Are you surprised about the success of some of the bands on your label? 

I wouldn't say any of the bands have "made it" just yet but the fact that people care about their music is a tribute to them and the hard work they put into it. Anything they get, they deserve. I'm just really happy to be a part of it.

When bands approach you to be signed or whatever, what are you looking for?

It really depends. Realistically, I'm looking for a band that tours since that's the only sure way to really build or grow a band these days. On top of that, I look to work with great, like-minded people who write music that moves me. If I don't feel something, it's usually a sign that it won't work out.

Are there any bands you haven't worked with who you'd like to?

Of course there are. As a label, we've only been around for a year, so there's lots of time to grow but I'd really like to work with Slingshot Dakota. That band is incredible. Between their passionate music and live show, I can't get enough of them!

As the owner of a record label, how do you adapt to downloading music illegally? Do you support downloading music? How do you think small bands can make a profit? Any ideas on how we can fix the industry?

I don't mind when people download music illegally. It happens. I just hope that it brings kids out to shows to buy merch and hopefully physical copies of the records. We all put a lot of work into putting them out. It'd be nice to at least make the money back that we put in.

I think small bands can make a profit by being smart. Tour often, build your fanbase online and in person, and make records worth having. Most bands will tell you it takes a lot of time and money to make money. I wouldn't disagree with that one bit.

As I see it, the only way to fix the industry is to get rid of illegal downloading entirely or completely change the way in which we put out music. I don't have the answer yet, but one day I hope myself or someone else figures it out. Hopefully soon!

What are your favorite recent music releases?

I've really been enjoying new releases from Mansions, Joyce Manor, and An Horse. I've been a fan of An Horse for awhile, but Mansions and Joyce Manor are pretty new to me. If you've got a sec, be sure to check them out.

What's your biggest gripe with the punk/hardcore scene?

I think my biggest gripe would be with the hardscore scene and the gang culture surrounding it. I grew up outside of Philly which has a pretty notorious gang called FSU. They would make hardcore shows unbearable, beating up my friends because they were "punk" and dancing with the intent to hurt those around them. That sort of machismo isn't welcome and shouldn't be allowed. 

What were for you personally the best and worst moments of 2010? 

My personal best was starting Kind Of Like and my worst was when the Flyers lost the Stanley Cup. 2011 isn't shaping up to be their year either but we'll get em in 2012!

What are your plans for 2011?

My plans are to see a lot of great shows, make a lot of new friends and put out some cool records. 

Before the end of today, what would you wish to happen?

Before the end of today, I'd wish for my inbox to be empty and for my to-do list to be completed. I like to keep things realistic.

 Thanks for doing this interview Lisa! And finally, is there anything else that you want people to know, that you want the readers to know.

I want them to know that Ryan Rockwell is a huge fan of the new Limp Bizkit record and will be purchasing a copy this summer. Thanks for the interview.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interview with Punch

Keep Up With Punch:

I’m happy to finally be posting  interview with Meghan and Keith of Punch. In the interview we discusses their upcoming release, feature touring plans and gives out some info about the band. I hope you enjoy.
Thanks to Meghan and Keith who was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions. 
Read up it bellow.

Hey. How are you? 

Meghan- Great! Busy, but after a weirdly quiet summer last year I am grateful for it. 

Keith - Good thanks, How are you? 

I'm great, thanks. Right then, first things first, please introduce yourselves and members of the band  to our readers.

M- I'm Meghan, I do vocals, Keith and Dan play guitar, Brian plays bass and Val is our drummer. 

So, tell me how Punch originally came together?

M- In mid 2006 Keith started writing songs and by September I had joined as vocalist, we played our first show in April of 2007. 

K - I knew the kids from Rosenbombs. Both our bands (Rosenbombs and Doppelganger) had recently fizzled out, so we decide to put something together.  

What does Punch mean to you?

M- Punch is our way of interacting with and contributing to the scene we all grew up with.

K- And a melding of different elements of particular styles within that scene. 

 Have you guys started working on new material yet? If so, what can we expect? How does the record differ musically from past releases?

M- We are currently writing for a new 7" which will hopefully be done sometime this summer. 

K - I think there are many different ways of approaching the idea behind the music that we write. This new record is just another attempt to create something that sounds cohesive, while being rooted in different styles of hardcore.  

On future releases can we expect songs to exceed the two minute?

M- Ha, maybe a minute and a half. 

K - Is the two minute some sort of meritorious benchmark that I don't know about?

What is your favorite song from "Push Pull"? Is there anything you weren't able to put on "Push Pull" that you feel will be more of a focus on the next album, lyrically or musically?

M- I would say fixation or positively god free. I think I was in a vulnerable place when this record was being written so lyrically it is very cathartic. I think I was afraid to be so personal earlier on but I now feel free to do so. 

K - I'd say Fixation and Second Chance. 

What are some of the things you try to communicate through your music?

M- Positivity, veganism, god free, feminism...

K - and not taking yourself TOO seriously. The Edge can be mind-numbingly dull at times, if you catch my meaning, so sometimes I use Punch as a vehicle to convey the things I like about it. Which reminds me of something else Punch tries to communicate, however inadvertently... puns.

M- Haha. I don't know if i try to communicate puns, i just can't help myself sometimes. 

Punch has been together for nearly 5 years now. In that time you've thoroughly covered U.S. , and you've been to the Europe, Australia and Japan together. Is it difficult to take time off and seemingly put life on hold to go on tour? How are you able to handle it monetarily, emotionally, etc? Essentially, what drives you to get out there?

M- What drives me to be out there is having experiences I never thought I would be able to have and that a lot of people don't get to have. The places I've been able to go and the people I have been able to meet have affected me so much. I can't tell you how many times I will just look around me in disbelief, like, this is my life? Putting life on hold is very hard and I feel like the sacrifices have gotten greater every year for all of us. Before we leave I often wonder if it's going to be worth it to put the band ahead of school, work, relationships etc but it always has been. I feel like those things I'll have the rest of my life to do and I want to enjoy this band for as long as people are willing to listen. Monetarily- I sublet my room and try not to eat too much on tour, haha. Emotionally- I try and make a little time for myself so I don't get to overwhelmed. I end up going for a lot of solo walks around the towns that we are in. 

K - This is a loaded question, but I think Meghan has pretty much nailed this one. As for emotionally, well, tour can be a bit stressful at times, but that's just part of the deal. There is no shortage to people to talk to while you're on tour, so I think that it's important to communicate what you are feeling. When you're feeling frustrated about something, sometimes just taking a step back to appreciate the little things can make all the difference. PMA goes a long way.

Your European tour will also bring you to the Fluff. Excited to play there or is that just another show for you guys?

M- Fluff is definitely not just a show to me. Last year I looked forward to it everyday for our month long tour, then i broke my foot in two places a few hours before our set! We played but I had to hop around on one foot in blinding pain. I look forward to coming back and being able to really play and really enjoy it!!

K - Fluff is great! Last year when we played we came home to play another fest in the U.S that was about a sixth of the size, but infinitely more violent and problematic. It really put things in perspective for me, and I applaud Europe and everyone involved with Fluff for they're ability to create such a healthy, fest environment. 

M- That's a great point Keith. 

Favorite/Most wild Punch set?

M-Fluff 2010/ Boston 2009/ Philadelphia 2011. There are so many more but these stick out because of crowd reaction/interaction. When people sing along it floors me every time. 
I'd also like to say that nearly every set we play in SLO is batshit crazy.  

Punch (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

Any interesting road/tour stories?

M- So many! I love tour because by the end we can all talk in only inside jokes, haha. A favorite memory from last summer was swimming in the Adriatic Sea in Slovenia with Comadre and Anchor at sunset and then walking to our outdoor show in bathing suits. Not something that happens everyday!

K- The stories are serious endless. 

How do you think the San Francisco DIY punk/hardcore scene is looking right now? Do you have any local bands that might not get a lot of attention from that area you'd suggest checking out?

K- I would definitely check out NEOCONS. The scene in San Francisco, specifically, is bland. There are virtually no places to play that don't serve alcohol. The East Bay is way more punk when it comes to getting down.

What attracts you to hardcore?

M- Honesty, integrity, DIY.  

What repels you from hardcore?

M- machismo attitudes

Do you think it's necessary for independent musicians and bands to have a form of ethics?

M- Absolutely! Otherwise what's the difference between them and mainstream bands? That the music is faster and louder? I don't think that is enough. 

With the emergence of the internet, bands and ideas seem to be more assessable; speaking from my own experience I've had the opportunity to interview bands from U.S., Canada, France, Germany etc. over the past six months thanks in part to the internet. It also seems that almost every band has a facebook/myspace/bandcamp or something page. There are also huge webstores dedicated to selling punk rock related products, the printed fanzine seems to be a dieing out, and even printed show posters and becoming harder and harder to find. What is your opinion on the effect of the internet on the punk rock scene?

K- It's hard to say. We come from a time when the internet had very little impact on the punk scene. You're right in saying that items like well made flyers/show posters, cassette demos, fanzines, and have become somewhat of a novelty due to their obsolescence. But I don't think that these artifacts will cease to be produced if only for their now inherently romanticized value. The Internet effects the scene in countless ways. What things do you use the Internet for? And how much time do you spend using the Internet? It's a huge part of our lives and not even the esoteric can escape its grasp. 

What were for you personally the best and worst moments of 2010? What are your plans for 2011?

M- 2010 was a year of extremes for me. Best moments included starting the year in Australia, graduating from Nursing school, and going to Europe. Worst moments were breaking my foot, getting surgery, canceling our US tour with Ceremony, and not being able to work. I feel like all of the bad things make me appreciate the good things I have now so much more. Right now I am pretty much just counting the days until I get to leave for 9 weeks. 

Thanks for the interview, do you have any final words/wishes?

Go vegan!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Interview with ASTPAI

Keep Up With Astpai:

Here is an interview I recently did with Zock from amazing band called Astpai. Zock and I discussed the band’s successful 2010, new material, touring possibilities, and more. And you can even check out some of the band’s tunes at their myspace page here. Do yourself a favor and check out Heart To Grow(I highly recommend you check out this, if you have not heard it before. Awesome album!). Thanks to Zock for being so generous and not getting too annoyed at having to exchange so many emails with me over the last few weeks.
 Read up on it below!

Hey Zock. How are you?

hey there. i'm doing fine. we just got back from a four-week tour throughout europe and it's been a blast. i'm back to putting on shows at home and working a little to financially get by. 

Right then, first things first, please introduce yourselves and members of the band to our readers.

haha, that's actually not that easy. basically, there's marco and me - zock - on guitars. i also sing the lead vocals. as for our bassist and drummer: we've been switching around a lot the last months. we had some really good friends of ours filling in and it worked out just fine. our original bass player and drummer left at the end of 2010 because their future plans either involve working full time or emmigrating to another country. 

When did Astpai start and how did it begin? 

the first official astpai show took place in a friends garage in august 2001. we've only been a two-piece at that point, haha. i'd say, we seriously kicked it off in 2004 when marco joined the band on second guitar. we were all basically friends from school that hung out and learned their instruments together. 

What does Astpai mean?

the word itself doesn't mean anything really...or does it?! some say, it's just the remains of an eastpak sticker someone painted on, others say that it stands for "All Systems Turn Power Against Innocence"...but really, it's just a stupid joke from almost 12 years ago when a friend of mine was drawing over an eastpak sticker and made the letters astpai remain.

Other than Astpai, what other bands/projects are you all involved with, if any?

until march 2011 i was part of PLAGUE MASS from graz. they've always been one of my favourite bands from austria so i was quite excited when i joined them in 2008. i also play guitar in a band called OIL AND WATER. it's a pop rock band in the vein of THE WEAKERTHANS, HOLD STEADY, GETUPKIDS...

Are there any new releases coming up? Where’s the best place for our readers to get hold of your stuff/keep track of you online?

we just put out our lates full length Heart To Grow on vinyl, but we're already working on our next record which will be recorded in july. there will be some split releases coming up later this year, but nothing's certain yet. you can stay updated on all of this on our facebook page.

You've released so many records already. Do you have a favorite or one with some emotional significance that makes you hold it a little higher than the rest? What's your personal favorite Astpai song?

i guess the newer ones will always be the most exciting ones to play. lame answer, i know, but it's kinda true. although i love playing "hard to manage broken windows" off our second record. it's always fun. there's no favourite. 

Unless I’m mistaken, there’s a strong early None More Black/Paint It Black influence in your stuff, particularly the earlier stuff. I’d be interested to hear what your other influences are, in musical and lyrical terms. 

yes, both these bands have always been a big influence on our music. but in the end we all grew up with all kinds of us-punk/hardcore and slowly discovered european bands and artists as well that had an impact on us. anyway, my main source when it comes to musical inspiration is still AC/DC, even though it rarely finds it's way into our songs, haha.

A number of your songs challenge sexism. Which bands, authors, or people first drew your attention to feminism? How do you see misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ attitudes manifesting themselves in the punk scene?

i remember an austrian feminist-collective called "phoolan devi collective" that drew my attention, not for the first time, but in a way that a lot of other bands and their lyrics didn't. i've been reading through their zines and posters and it made me look around in the local punk/hardcore scene around me, realising, that a lot of things are actually pretty fucked up when it comes to being open minded about sex and gender. it's pretty fucking sad, that the songs i've written about 6 years ago about machoism, subtile forms of sexism within a punk/hardcore scene or homophobia are still relevant to some extend. i mean, for sure, the punk scene is already way more open minded than so many other youth culture scenes, but there's still a lot of work to do when it comes to make everyone feel accepted and welcome, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

How do you go about writing lyrics?

there are no rules. i stopped forcing myself to write songs in a general-political or general-recognisable way. sometimes lyrics turn out like that, but most of the times they circle around experiences i've made myself, which i think is way more honest than riding the average-punk-chorus-singalong-train. or maybe that's just an excuse for not being able to write proper choruses...who knows?!

Covers are all the rage these days, granted usually in live setting. You covered Kid Dynamite on your 7inch(The Scavenger). What other songs have you been known to cover or would you like to cover in the future?

we covered kid dynamite for a kid dynamite tribute compilation. we covered the nerve agents on that 7inch you mentioned. but anyway, even on our latest LP there is a cover song. i think it's fun to pick a band that you like and record the songs you've sang along to so many times your own way, with your own voice and your own gear. i'm thinking, the next cover i'd like to record might be a song by the german band RANTANPLAN. good stuff.

You've played a lot shows in many cities. Also tours in the USA and Canada. What are the main differences between playing shows in the U.S. as opposed to European shows? 

there are a lot of differences. but in some ways, good shows can feel the same anywhere, just as shitty shows can feel the same anywhere. one thing's for sure though: europe has a more accomodating and encouraging way of treating bands and promoting shows. overseas it's not common at all to get food, a place to stay or any of the other things, you'd take for granted in europe.

Do you play mostly basements or venues? Preference? 

so far we played almost everything, from basements, to living rooms, to big open air stages, to van roofs, venues, boats, mountain tops (that was with plague mass though)...i prefer floor shows or small stages, although a nice stage sound on a big stage can be a nice and interesting change every once in a while.

Which of your shows was the most memorable for you? Do you try to go out and see things when you are in different cities? 

it's impossible to mention just a few most memorable shows out of all the shows we've played. but yes, sometimes a show and the memory connected to it is in direct relation to what we got to see from the city we were in, or how the people liked the show or how the people stayed friends with us throughout years. all that can make a show memorable.

Do you have trouble juggling work with touring? 

sort of, yeah. i work a low-income job back home, which leaves me with debts for most of the year until i get to work some better paid stage hand and backlining job in the summer. summer is the only time we always keep free from touring, as it's the best chance to make some money for the rest of the year. 

Your European tour will also bring you to the Groezrock festival in Belgium. Excited to play there or is that just another show for you guys?

sorry, it took me so long to answer all this and now groezrock is already over. oops. it's been a total blast. i couldn't believe all the people that came out to watch us play the macbeth stage. i mean, shit, it was piebald playing at the same time and i knew so many people in the crowd, that stayed to watch us even though they love piebald. i was thrilled!

Well, let's talk about Neustadtpunk Network. I really don't know much about it. Please tell me more details. 

NEUSTADTPUNK is a small DIY band collective from our hometown wiener neustadt. we've got quite a good and healthy scene going on for such a small town and we use NEUSTADTPUNK as some kind of "label" to promote shows, promote records or simply to organise some nights out at a bar. there's some great bands involved, bands like SOEY, BRACKET CLOSED, SOMMERREGEN, RENTOKILL or 7YEARSBADLUCK...most of those bands just put out new releases. you should really check them out (

How do you think the Austria DIY punk scene is looking right now? Do you have any local bands that might not get a lot of attention from that area you'd suggest checking out?

i guess you could take the words above as an answer to that. but i'd like to add that, because of the size of austria, there are also some great bands that live in other countries nearby, such as IN-SANE or REAL LIFE VERSION from slovenia, ARGETTI from italy, RED TAPE PARADE from germany or NEW DEAD PROJECT and RIVERS RUN DRY from hungary.

What's your biggest gripe with the punk/hardcore scene?

(sorry, had to look up gripe) i think one thing the whole scene is lacking is the ability to be more straight up with each other sometimes. i'm sure you know those people that can only express their true feelings in online message board rather than in real life at a show for example. i think that's a big failure in our communication, especially when things are published in a really harsh and rough way as soon as someones feeling safe in his/her four walls. i mean, i don't expect all the scenesters and haters to tell everyone about their most recent records at shows or at the bus stop or wherever all the time, but i think sometimes we should try a bit harder to find a middle way between being super-posi at shows and then take the piss on the internet, you know?

If you could do a split with any band still together what band would it be?

none more black.

What are your favorite recent music releases?

turbostaat - das island manöver, none more black - icons, 7yearsbadluck - sleep now, pay later, one win choice - conveyor

What were for you personally the best and worst moments of 2010? What are your plans for 2011?

there have been a lot of best moments. the tours we had through europe - including greece for the first time - or my first backlining-jobs in the summer, or riding my skateboard all over town whenever it got warm be honest, there haven't been a lot of worst moments in 2010...i think it's been an awesome year. for the rest of 2011 we got one tour planned throughout austria and germany together with THE FLATLINERS from toronto, followed by some dates in the netherlands and in october we're gonna go overseas to tour down to FEST 10 in gainesville. oh and of course we'll be recording our fourth full length in the summer, but i mentioned that already.

Before the end of today, what would you wish to happen?

it's 2.30 am ... THIS IS the end of today, haha.

Thanks a lot, Zock! Do you have any last words/wishes? Anything else you’d like to add?

thank you and sorry again that it took me forever to answer all your questions. it's been a busy month and i had a lot of other bullshit to take care of. i'm glad i finally found some time.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Interview with Rain Over Battle#2

Rain Over Battle

Полгода(хотя уже прошло больше времени, так как это интервью сделано в начале марта и я хотел опубликовать его с новым альбомом, но из за задержек публикую сейчас, и без альбома, но он будет в ближайшее время тут так же) назад я делал уже интервью с Rain Over Battle. Время пролетело достаточно быстро и они уже записали свой дебютный альбом, который выйдет в свет в ближайшие две недели. И вот я решил снова пообщаться с Беннеттом(гитара/вокал) и вторым гитаристом Диланом, о самом альбоме и о том, что произошло за эти шесть месяцев с группой.
Так же кто не слушал этих ребят, советую скачать их первую ЕР, это 100% хит.

Hey Guys! How are you?

Bennett: Hey Vanya!
It is great to hear from you again! I am doing quite well thanks for asking.

Dylan: Im doing swell Vanya! Glad to hear from you bro!

I know the debut album is ready! Please tell me more detail about recording process, cover art, album title, etc.)

Bennett: The name of the album is entitled "These Rocks In Our Bodies" and the recording process began in January on New Years day. We recorded with my friend Robert Cheeseman of No Control Studios in Richmond. He is an awesome dude and was very helpful in our recording process and coming up with neat ideas, and not to mention letting us crash in his studio for a week. We finished all of the instrumentals in one week, and after that it came down to when all of us were free to go back on weekends and finish little parts, do back ups, gangs, etc etc. We ended up finishing over our spring break. As far as the album art, this really nice girl Ashley Pabon is making is for us. She sent me a rough draft of the art a few weeks ago...AND IT IS SO FUCKING AWESOME! I think in general, this is the first time me and the rest of the guys in the band are actually putting our big toe in the deep end and really making a big push to make this band happen so I think all of us kinda feel like little kids at Christmas, waiting to open up the biggest present. That present is getting to hear the first mix of the new album.

Dylan: Well this album is years in the making, Bennett has had these ideas for almost a decade now and were stoked to finally have these songs recorded. Recording in Richmond at No Control Studios was a blast. We did it during Christmas Break so it was cold and we had to sleep in the cold basement! on the other hand Robert was a great host/producer. He put up with a lot of shit, like a lot a lot. He loves us though. Im pretty stoked on the album art, every little detail represents something from our cd, so its really cool!!!

You already know, where the album will be released? Death To False Hope Records or something else?

Bennett: Currently, we have a few options as far as how we will release this album. Ideally, it would be cool if a label put it out for us. Our battle plan is just try to send it out to as many people as we can, magazines, radio stations, blogs (like yours!) and other things of that nature. I am sure DTFH will host it on their website. Scotty has been nothing but helpful to us since we met him earlier this year.

Dylan: Were working with Moses Appleton at Rootless And Restless out of Virginia Beach, VA on the new album, but we of course will keep in touch with DTFH throughout this whole experience, Scotty and all of the bands are totally rad.

In january you guys hit up the North Carolina by Death To False Hope's Fest. What was it like taking part in the event? Did you get to catch any other performances while you were in town?

Bennett: The DTFH Fest was a really cool experience. It was awesome to share the stage with some our friends who are also in bands, like the guys from Hold Tight! I think the greatest part of the whole thing was just seeing what is basically started as an online DIY community come together for a weekend. All for the sake of kick-ass music and fun hangs. I did get a chance to catch a few bands while I was there. I got to see Spraynard for the first time, and they fucking killed it! Our friends in Hold Tight(free download) played a real killer set as well. Got to meet some friendly Canadians in a band called Brutal Youth who drove 16 hours from Canada to play the show! NOW THAT IS COMMITMENT!

Dylan: Well it was especially fun for me since it was the first time the other dudes had never been to visit me at school at ECU. We went and played at the fest which was fun, I was happy to see friends from Hold Tight! and This is your life there. The best part was coming back to Greenville and partying as a band. We don't get to do that a lot anymore.

You guys are in more than one band, you live in different places… how does that affect Rain Over Battle?

Bennett: Actually, as of right now, Rain Over Battle is the only music project any of us have going. Going to different schools does make things difficult, but in some ways it is also kind of cool because on those occasions where we do get a chance to meet up somewhere for a weekend and play a show, we never take it for granted and make the best out of every show we play and just go wild.

Dylan: We have all been in different bands, but we have really all been in the same band/bands since like 7th grade, when we used to do really shitty covers, although we did cover Rancid a few times. No one here (at ECU) really knows much about music/shows/the scene so i just jam with whoever really. Being apart from each other definitely sucks. I miss my best friends and playing music with anyone other than them is just straight up boring and tasteless.

Let's talk about "Rootless and Restless". Whose idea was start it? Bennett, your acoustic set is really amazing! Do you have any plans to release an acoustic EP(LP)?

Bennett: Rootless and Restless was an idea that my friends Amanda Paramore and Moses Appleton had. Two really awesome people and good friends of myself and the rest of the band. I think that there is definitely a possibility of seeing some acoustic songs show up on our myspace, but I don't think it would be something that we put on an album. If we did release some acoustic songs, we would probably just put them up for free download.

Dylan: ROOTLESS AND RESTLESS, REPPIN VB WOOT WOOT i think it was moses' idea. Moses is the shit. We love moses.

Six months have passed since I last talked to you. What ever happened to the band in this half-year?

Bennett: Not too much has happened between now and the last time we talked. Basically we have just been spending the last few months just getting everything together for the release of the album. Stuff like connecting with people who make promo videos, t-shirt designers etc etc.

Dylan: We have matured, musically of course, and we have started writing for the NEXT album which will be recorded sometime between this winter and next summer.

What were for you personally the best and worst moments of 2010/2011?

Bennett: Hmm that is a tough question! I think in general it has been a pretty good year thus far. School is always a continuous hassle for me at least. Finding motivation to do anything else other than stuff for my band is difficult too haha. Most of the time I will find myself sitting in class, not paying attention, and writing music haha.

Dylan: Recording in Richmond was the best! Robert welcomed us all into his home/studio and we all had a blast. All we did is party, record, bullshit, and eat qdoba. Id like to elaborate on that a little more, but some things are better left unsaid... the worst moment was probably

What are your plans for 2011?

Bennett: 2011 is gonna be our first year making a big push with the band and trying to put us on the map and try to get our music to as many people as possible through any means necessary. Since finishing the last record I have already started to work on songs for the next album. My guess would be to release an EP after this album. So we may or may not see that come together this summer. It is all kind of a big waiting game right now to see how people are going to react to the new tunes.

Dylan: Its a new year, we wanna get the ball rolling here and start touring EVERYWHERE, ESPECIALLY russia. Personally, I just wanna be a rockstar until the world ends (in like 5 years) haha

What song do you never get sick of hearing and one movie you will never get tired of (re)watching. why?

Bennett: Well as far as that question is concerned, my answer; there are endless amounts of bands and songs that I never get tired of listening to. But, recently I have been listening to a lot of Deafheaven. A really awesome, ambient/blackmetal/ epic band out of California. They have just been blowing up like crazy the past few months. I for sure recommend a good listen to their stuff! A movie I never get tired of watching...hmmm. Well, I guess I would have to say V For Vendetta. That movies RULES

Dylan: Song: I have listened to it almost everyday since i dl it, but i gotta go with any song from the new Hold Tight! album, ESPECIALLY Virginia is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here
Movie: Snatch with brad pitt and jason stathem never gets old

Before the end of today, what would you wish to happen?

Bennett: Before the end of the day, I would like to see this nasty cold I have go away! Here in VA, the temperature changes are so ridiculous and my body just cant handle it so I have been sick as a dog for the past few days. Today has been the worst by far haha.

Dylan: Before the end of the day i want to have at least 100 votes for us on the AMP mag unsigned band contest, and also, I wanna rage mad hard tonight in celebration of this wonderful opportunity AMP has provided us with.

Thanks for the interview guys! Any last words/wishes for our readers?

Bennett: Thank you so much for the interview and support of the music! And thank all of you for listening!!

Dylan: Anytime Vanya you know we love you and want to see you soon! My last words are: Keep an eye on the sun, one day soon it will not peek above the horizon.