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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Interview with Rain Over Battle#2

Rain Over Battle

Полгода(хотя уже прошло больше времени, так как это интервью сделано в начале марта и я хотел опубликовать его с новым альбомом, но из за задержек публикую сейчас, и без альбома, но он будет в ближайшее время тут так же) назад я делал уже интервью с Rain Over Battle. Время пролетело достаточно быстро и они уже записали свой дебютный альбом, который выйдет в свет в ближайшие две недели. И вот я решил снова пообщаться с Беннеттом(гитара/вокал) и вторым гитаристом Диланом, о самом альбоме и о том, что произошло за эти шесть месяцев с группой.
Так же кто не слушал этих ребят, советую скачать их первую ЕР, это 100% хит.

Hey Guys! How are you?

Bennett: Hey Vanya!
It is great to hear from you again! I am doing quite well thanks for asking.

Dylan: Im doing swell Vanya! Glad to hear from you bro!

I know the debut album is ready! Please tell me more detail about recording process, cover art, album title, etc.)

Bennett: The name of the album is entitled "These Rocks In Our Bodies" and the recording process began in January on New Years day. We recorded with my friend Robert Cheeseman of No Control Studios in Richmond. He is an awesome dude and was very helpful in our recording process and coming up with neat ideas, and not to mention letting us crash in his studio for a week. We finished all of the instrumentals in one week, and after that it came down to when all of us were free to go back on weekends and finish little parts, do back ups, gangs, etc etc. We ended up finishing over our spring break. As far as the album art, this really nice girl Ashley Pabon is making is for us. She sent me a rough draft of the art a few weeks ago...AND IT IS SO FUCKING AWESOME! I think in general, this is the first time me and the rest of the guys in the band are actually putting our big toe in the deep end and really making a big push to make this band happen so I think all of us kinda feel like little kids at Christmas, waiting to open up the biggest present. That present is getting to hear the first mix of the new album.

Dylan: Well this album is years in the making, Bennett has had these ideas for almost a decade now and were stoked to finally have these songs recorded. Recording in Richmond at No Control Studios was a blast. We did it during Christmas Break so it was cold and we had to sleep in the cold basement! on the other hand Robert was a great host/producer. He put up with a lot of shit, like a lot a lot. He loves us though. Im pretty stoked on the album art, every little detail represents something from our cd, so its really cool!!!

You already know, where the album will be released? Death To False Hope Records or something else?

Bennett: Currently, we have a few options as far as how we will release this album. Ideally, it would be cool if a label put it out for us. Our battle plan is just try to send it out to as many people as we can, magazines, radio stations, blogs (like yours!) and other things of that nature. I am sure DTFH will host it on their website. Scotty has been nothing but helpful to us since we met him earlier this year.

Dylan: Were working with Moses Appleton at Rootless And Restless out of Virginia Beach, VA on the new album, but we of course will keep in touch with DTFH throughout this whole experience, Scotty and all of the bands are totally rad.

In january you guys hit up the North Carolina by Death To False Hope's Fest. What was it like taking part in the event? Did you get to catch any other performances while you were in town?

Bennett: The DTFH Fest was a really cool experience. It was awesome to share the stage with some our friends who are also in bands, like the guys from Hold Tight! I think the greatest part of the whole thing was just seeing what is basically started as an online DIY community come together for a weekend. All for the sake of kick-ass music and fun hangs. I did get a chance to catch a few bands while I was there. I got to see Spraynard for the first time, and they fucking killed it! Our friends in Hold Tight(free download) played a real killer set as well. Got to meet some friendly Canadians in a band called Brutal Youth who drove 16 hours from Canada to play the show! NOW THAT IS COMMITMENT!

Dylan: Well it was especially fun for me since it was the first time the other dudes had never been to visit me at school at ECU. We went and played at the fest which was fun, I was happy to see friends from Hold Tight! and This is your life there. The best part was coming back to Greenville and partying as a band. We don't get to do that a lot anymore.

You guys are in more than one band, you live in different places… how does that affect Rain Over Battle?

Bennett: Actually, as of right now, Rain Over Battle is the only music project any of us have going. Going to different schools does make things difficult, but in some ways it is also kind of cool because on those occasions where we do get a chance to meet up somewhere for a weekend and play a show, we never take it for granted and make the best out of every show we play and just go wild.

Dylan: We have all been in different bands, but we have really all been in the same band/bands since like 7th grade, when we used to do really shitty covers, although we did cover Rancid a few times. No one here (at ECU) really knows much about music/shows/the scene so i just jam with whoever really. Being apart from each other definitely sucks. I miss my best friends and playing music with anyone other than them is just straight up boring and tasteless.

Let's talk about "Rootless and Restless". Whose idea was start it? Bennett, your acoustic set is really amazing! Do you have any plans to release an acoustic EP(LP)?

Bennett: Rootless and Restless was an idea that my friends Amanda Paramore and Moses Appleton had. Two really awesome people and good friends of myself and the rest of the band. I think that there is definitely a possibility of seeing some acoustic songs show up on our myspace, but I don't think it would be something that we put on an album. If we did release some acoustic songs, we would probably just put them up for free download.

Dylan: ROOTLESS AND RESTLESS, REPPIN VB WOOT WOOT i think it was moses' idea. Moses is the shit. We love moses.

Six months have passed since I last talked to you. What ever happened to the band in this half-year?

Bennett: Not too much has happened between now and the last time we talked. Basically we have just been spending the last few months just getting everything together for the release of the album. Stuff like connecting with people who make promo videos, t-shirt designers etc etc.

Dylan: We have matured, musically of course, and we have started writing for the NEXT album which will be recorded sometime between this winter and next summer.

What were for you personally the best and worst moments of 2010/2011?

Bennett: Hmm that is a tough question! I think in general it has been a pretty good year thus far. School is always a continuous hassle for me at least. Finding motivation to do anything else other than stuff for my band is difficult too haha. Most of the time I will find myself sitting in class, not paying attention, and writing music haha.

Dylan: Recording in Richmond was the best! Robert welcomed us all into his home/studio and we all had a blast. All we did is party, record, bullshit, and eat qdoba. Id like to elaborate on that a little more, but some things are better left unsaid... the worst moment was probably

What are your plans for 2011?

Bennett: 2011 is gonna be our first year making a big push with the band and trying to put us on the map and try to get our music to as many people as possible through any means necessary. Since finishing the last record I have already started to work on songs for the next album. My guess would be to release an EP after this album. So we may or may not see that come together this summer. It is all kind of a big waiting game right now to see how people are going to react to the new tunes.

Dylan: Its a new year, we wanna get the ball rolling here and start touring EVERYWHERE, ESPECIALLY russia. Personally, I just wanna be a rockstar until the world ends (in like 5 years) haha

What song do you never get sick of hearing and one movie you will never get tired of (re)watching. why?

Bennett: Well as far as that question is concerned, my answer; there are endless amounts of bands and songs that I never get tired of listening to. But, recently I have been listening to a lot of Deafheaven. A really awesome, ambient/blackmetal/ epic band out of California. They have just been blowing up like crazy the past few months. I for sure recommend a good listen to their stuff! A movie I never get tired of watching...hmmm. Well, I guess I would have to say V For Vendetta. That movies RULES

Dylan: Song: I have listened to it almost everyday since i dl it, but i gotta go with any song from the new Hold Tight! album, ESPECIALLY Virginia is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here
Movie: Snatch with brad pitt and jason stathem never gets old

Before the end of today, what would you wish to happen?

Bennett: Before the end of the day, I would like to see this nasty cold I have go away! Here in VA, the temperature changes are so ridiculous and my body just cant handle it so I have been sick as a dog for the past few days. Today has been the worst by far haha.

Dylan: Before the end of the day i want to have at least 100 votes for us on the AMP mag unsigned band contest, and also, I wanna rage mad hard tonight in celebration of this wonderful opportunity AMP has provided us with.

Thanks for the interview guys! Any last words/wishes for our readers?

Bennett: Thank you so much for the interview and support of the music! And thank all of you for listening!!

Dylan: Anytime Vanya you know we love you and want to see you soon! My last words are: Keep an eye on the sun, one day soon it will not peek above the horizon.

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