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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Behind Punk Mixtape #3

I made new mixtape of awesome bands, all these songs released in 2011 year. Do not forget to support these bands and buy their music in whatever format. If you buy a physical copy make sure you support your local record stores too. Enjoy!
More hugs, less shrugs!

1. Living With Lions-When We Were Young
2. Bangers-Wizard Wise
3. Very Okay-Soil
4. Dividers-May He Without Shit Star Wars Tattoos Cast The First Stone
5. Dude Japan-Raft Captain
6. Caves-200 Miles
7. Rvivr-Elizabethan Collar (by Jimbo)
8. Joyce Manor-Leather Jacket
9. One Win Choice-Who Threw Out the Itinerary?
10. Captain, We're Sinking-The Ballad of Ichabod Crane
11. Dear Landlord-A Little Left
12. Chris Cresswell-Liver Alone
13. Leagues Apart-I Knew You Guys Were Smart...
14. Small Brown Bike-In Need of Everything
15. P.S. Eliot-Talk
16. Laura Stevenson and The Cans-The Healthy One
17. The Dopamines-Douglas Bubbletrousers
18. Criminal Culture-I Wish All My Friends Could Hear This Song
19. Ten Speed Bicycle-If You Like Turtles So Much Why Are You Dressed As A Zombie?
20. Wayfarer-07.27.10
21. The Decay-The Other Face (M4M)
22. Spraynard-Not Good Enough, Gary
23. Sharks-Fallen On Deaf Ears
24. Choke Up-Say Something
25. Fires of Waco-Birthday Song
26. Ultra Ultra-The T.I.V.
27. Daytrader-Living
28. Sundials-Never Settle
29. Football, etc.-X's And O's
30. Worship This!- Dinosaur
31. Underparts-Don't Hide
32. Big Kids-I Am a Romantic Comedy Dude
33. Red City Radio-Two For Flinching
34. Wolves and The Radio-Destination Nowhere
35. Bomb The Music Industry!-Can't Complain

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