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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Behind Punk Mixtape#2

YO I made new mixtape of awesome bands from Long Island!
Go download

1.Brookside-Tonight, Long Island
2.Guadalupe-No Sleep
3.Capital-Road Rash
4.Get Bent-City
5.Bottle Rocket-I Want To Watch The Grass Grow
6.Last Days of August-Braille
7.Sister Kisser-PUPPY!
8.Wildebeest-Phil Writes Songs Like Kevin Seconds, He Can't Help It
9.Potboiler-Ten's there
10.Iron Chic-Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (Cosmic) Future
11.Silent Majority-Party At Richs
12.Thousandaires-20 40 60 80 90
14.With Every Idle Hour-Getting The Last Word
15.Life Rocks!-Expressways And Empty Skies
16.The Solidarity Pact-Phase Is Just Another Four Letter Word
17.Fresh Coats-Lights
18.The Brass-Triggers
19.Bridge And Tunnel-Loss Leaders
20.Greensleep-Division Factor
21.Bomb the Music Industry!-Can I Pay My Rent In Fun?
23.Small Arms Dealer-Who Farted?
24.Jonesin'-Just So You Know
25.Down in the Dumps-Raggedy Anne
26.Wax Phantom-F- My Bod
27.Brand New-Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
28.I Am the Avalanche-Amsterdam
29.Crime in Stereo-I Cannot Answer You Tonight
30.Kill Your Idols-Goodbye to you
31.Latterman-My Bedroom Is Like For Artists

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