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Monday, August 8, 2011

Exclusive: Stream a new song from Rain Over Battle

Behind Punk has teamed up with Rain Over Battle to stream a brand new song from the band called “Boardwalk Screams.” “Boardwalk Screams” is one of nine great tracks that is being released off of the band’s new LP called These Rocks In Our Bodies, which will be released very soon and will be pressed on vinyl in Russia.

 Check out the album artwork, track listing, and of course the brand new song below.

 1. These Rocks In Our Bodies
2. Threatening Noises (To Shake You Out Of Your Apathy)
3. A Multiple Party Perspective
4. A Portrait of The Artist
5. Unruly Life Energy
6. Sleeping on 69th Street
7. Donuts and Nat King Cole
8. Boardwalk Screams
9. The Waltz/The Crawl

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