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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Behind Punk Mixtape #8

I made a new mixtape, all these songs are great for winter. Mixtape for the alone. If you enjoy the music on this mix tape, support the artists by purchasing their albums or songs, attending their shows if they come to your town and buying their merch. It really does help!

1. Crash of Rhinos - Big Sea
2. Prawn - Perfect Equilibrium
3. Joie De Vivre - Vicodin Lite
4. Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - I Swim like a Minnow
5. Coping - Stoopin'
6. You'll Live - High Fives for Victor
7. Palmkite - Thanks For The Dinosaur
8. Bâton Rouge - Que les fils
9. Midwest Pen Pals - Movies Like Juno
10. Family Might - Shallow Your Heart
11. Mallard - Chug Your Knowledge
12. Wavelets - Luke Moses Loves Stale Food
13. Park Jefferson - Monuments
14. Brave Bird - Tired Enough
15. Our Sunday Affairs - Birdseed
16. Joe Shlabotnik - Spilled Milk
17. Old Gray - Dying Leaves
18. Mane Horse - Damn Pajamas
19. Algernon Cadwallader - (na na na na) simulation
20. Loose Lips Sink Ships - Sarah Palin's Parasailing
21. The Appleseed Cast - Marigold & Patchwork
22. American Football - The Summer Ends
23. Mineral - 80-37
24. Halfway to Holland - To Be Frank I'd Have to Be Foley
25. Penfold - The Secret Nine
26. Joan Of Arc - Love Life
27. Pianos Become The Teeth - I'll Get By


  1. thank you for this! Where can i find more on Bâton Rouge?

    google provides nothing! except for the 80s hair band by the same name



  3. Can you reupload this mixtape, please? this mixtape has been deleted :(

  4. Can you reupload this mixtape, please? this mixtape has been deleted :(