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Friday, February 17, 2012

Behind Punk Mixtape #9

Here is the next mixtape, basically the songs I’ve discovered in the past days and been listening to constantly.
Nine times out of ten I don’t mean to make a mixtape. Most of the time I’ll start having one or two songs stick in my head, and from there I start drawing connections to other songs, so on and so forth. Here's the 16 awesome bands and 16 newest songs. If you enjoy the music on this mix, support the artists by purchasing their albums or songs, attending their shows if they come to your town and buying their merch. It really does help!
Well, hope you enjoy it! thanks

1.The Sidekicks - The 9th Piece
2. Nona - Candy Bar Overlord
3. Bowlcut - We Wore Holes the Size of Islands
4. Peeple Watchin' - Rainbow Water
5. Spraynard - Trembling
6. Hold Tight! - Obviously
7. Burning Bridges - No War On This Land
8. The Max Levine Ensemble - Last of the Assholes
9. Summer Vacation - Post-You
10. Apologies, I Have None - 60 Miles
11. The Brave Little Abacus - Introducing Morrissey (Ergs! Cover)
12. Homepage - Friends
13. Literature - Criminal Kids
14. Saintseneca - The Worst Days
15. Bomb The Music Industry! - Snow Charges
16. Bridge and Tunnel - Homecoming



Burning Bridges s/t 7” is officially out today. Below are the websites that you can order it from:

here: (OHIO)
here: (VIRGINIA) 

please order from the website that is closest to your location, to reduce the amount of miles these records will have to be shipped. 
Support independent scene/bands/labels. thanks! 

Nona/Peeple Watchin' - Split 7" will be released on 7" in March, 2012 by Get Better Records, Behind Punk Records, Square of Opposition and My Parents' Records. Preorder info coming soon. Stay tuned!
You can listen or download/donate here:
Just check these guys out. Solid stuff! <3

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