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Friday, May 2, 2014

Interview with Erik of Dowsing/Kittyhawk/Pet Symmetry

Thanks to Eric who was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions. 
Read up it bellow.

Hey, Eric. How are you doing? How's Chicago?

Hey! Feeling good and staying warm.  Chicago is great.

First off, introduce yourself and members of the band and how Dowsing originally came together?

My name is Erik and I play Guitar and Sing in Dowsing. Currently we have Mikey Crotty on Guitar, Michael Politowicz on Bass, and whoever can play drums. Dowsing songs were written before I moved to Chicago, but the idea to start a band was forged near Wrigley stadium with Gooey Fame and Delia Hornik over some pizza.

Can you name a band that inspired you to play music? 

Green Day

Where did you see your songwriting progress from "It's Still Pretty Terrible" to "I Don't Even Care Anymore" and where do you maybe see it going in the future? 

Many people don’t realize the songwriting process is long and arduous. We’ve realized 2 LPs but it took me a long time to mold the songs the way I wanted them before I even showed them to other band members.  ISPT there was a lot more time put into the “crafting” of the songs, and I think that shows. IDECA was my Pinkerton and is more raw and has a certain atmosphere to it. I see our sound becoming more rock oriented, but until I can do that rock stance... we can be an emo band.

What’s your experience been like with Count Your Lucky Stars records? How do you adapt to downloading music illegally? Do you support downloading music? How do you think small bands make a profit? 

I have nothing but respect and admiration for Keith and Cathy.  They have put a lot of hard work into my band and their label, in addition to helping me through some personal tribulations.  As far as downloading music it’s hard to adapt.  At this point you have to run with them.  When it comes to illegal downloads I support providing music to others in the form of “Pay What You Want.”  With that said though I think if you can find my record and you want to eventually buy it physically go for the illegal download.  Go for it no matter what I won’t find you.  Thanks for listening to my band!  Which brings up your last question.  It’s not easy being a small band, but I get a lot of joy in touring and making friends and hanging out.  Staying afloat and making money at this level requires a lot of groundwork.  It’s taken us 2 years to be able to afford basic necessities for the band without paying out of pocket, but when it happens it is the best thing in the world though.  In short, you have to tour a lot and people have to support you.  I am no longer the band Sugar Daddy (that’s a lie).

You've played a lot shows in many cities. What are the main differences between playing shows in the U.S. as opposed to European shows? 

Well, it can be rough in both spots, but in the past I’ve tended to think that America was harder to tour.  Let’s just say across the board that our foreign friends tend to be better hosts.

What's your favorite and least favorite part about touring? How do you handle the rigors of the road? Do you try to go out and see things when you are in different cities? 

Sleeping and sleeping.  Sleeping is great but you can miss a lot of what is going on if you sleep the whole time and you start to feel like you live in a dreamland.  We use to tour in a conversion van but now we have a modified short bus, which is excellent for sleeping.  I guess sleeping is not so bad now.  We’ve made it a goal to see at least one thing a day (depending on where we are), eat one “good” meal, and sleep.

Other than Dowsing, what other bands/projects are you all involved with? 

I play guitar in both Kittyhawk and Pet Symmetry.  Both of these bands will have full lengths out this year.

Could you please talk about your involvement in the DIY punk community, how you got involved and how it affects your lives? (putting out your music, going on tours and playing shows, etc) 

I’ve lived in “punk” houses for the past 7 years.  I have run basement shows, garage shows, put up touring bands for the night, made travelers food.  Being a good host to strangers can make you some of the best friends you’ll ever meet.  I’ve been lucky to meet so many people over the years who continue to help me and I them.  My only complaint is that I go to too many shows, but that is my lifestyle it’s what I love.

Do you think it’s necessary for independent musicians and bands to have a form of ethics? 

I think it is more important to be a good person and to understand others.  I don’t preach I listen and I respect others opinions.  I think that just basic humanity is nice.  Some people just need to get off the internet (including me).

How is the Chicago scene? Any acts we’ve been unfortunately overlooking? 

Right now the Chicago scene seems to be in an upswing.  I’ve found it hard to find young bands that I like.  This band Churchkey (Glocca Morra Core) and Mothlight (Screamo) are really good.

What's your biggest gripe with the punk/hardcore scene? 

Sometimes people take things way to seriously.

What does the future for Dowsing look like? 

There is a split with an “unnamed” band coming out soon.  We are currently demoing 7 new songs, but have not decided yet if it could be a full length or just an EP.  We are looking to tour a lot this Fall and get something new out by the beginning of 2015.  

What are some of your biggest influences outside of music? 

 Urban Landscapes and my Grandfather.

Thanks for taking time out to talk with me Eric! Anything else you'd like to add/share?

Thank you so much for asking me to do this interview!

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