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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Releases of 2010(Free Download)

Знакомая из Канады недавно сделала свой топ года,но добавив ссылки на mediafire для скачки(за что ей большое спасибо).Я решил сделать реблог её поста,так как во первых можно всё бесплатно скачать,и там много интересных релизов,и большинство групп не особо известные для многих думаю.

Favorite releases of 2010 or whatever
Captain Cocktard and I usually do top howevermany releases of the year. It was kind of depressing to do it this year because the past six months or so have been mediocre at best but I powered through by halfassing it compeltely. So here’s the laziest list of releases from 2010 that I can actually be assed to listen to and/or care about. Or at least my favorite 30 of them. Even though no one cares. Except Gary. But he never counts for anything.

Iron Chic Not Like This
This band has yet to release anything that doesn’t give me 49 boners in a row.

The Arrivals Volatile Molotov

The vocaaaaaals.

Dead Mechanical Addict Rhythms
STILL A PARTY. And I’m not even a little bit sick of it. Jaime doesn’t dig it but she still gets drunk at their shows with me and we have all the fun.

The Measure [SA] Notes
A real dick kicker.

Rumspringer Empty Towers
I miss Awesome Fest so much. This is a good album. You’d like it.

The Dopamines Expect The Worst
Perfect music for angry, under-achieving drunks. Which is what the majority of us are.

Sass Dragons New Kids On The Bong
Shut up Keri. You should all buy this one.

Tiltwheel The High Hate Us
Sounds less like it was recorded in a kitchen on a Yak Bak than pretty much anything else they’ve ever released. Thumbs up.

Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans The Falcon Lake Incident
I mean… I would have this one here. But all bias aside, Metal Girls is an adorable song. This is good winter music.

None More Black Icons
LaGrecia v2.0, but less memorable? I could listen to Jason read the phone book so, I mean, it’s almost like I’m obligated to put this on here. I actually dig a couple of the songs a whole lot but I just don’t know. I’m disappointed but hoping the rest of it grows on me eventually. Stranger things have happened.

The Sainte Catherines Fire Works
“BAWWW IT’S NOT EXACTLY LIKE DANCING FOR DECADENCE”, right? It has some pretty good songs on it and I’m liking it for what it is so stop your faces.

Young Livers Of Misery and Toil
Excuse me but where are the balls on this album? I dig it okay when I’m listening to it but I hardly ever remember it exists otherwise. Can you tell it was a mediocre year for music? And also that I love to complain?

Dan Padilla As The Ox Plows
Who wants to drink beer, eat burritos, and listen to this album with me?

Mutoid Men Mutoid World
Fuck you this is fun.

EPs/Non-album releases
RVIVR Dirty Water
forgetters forgetters
New Creases About Last Night…
Andrew Jackson Jihad/The Gunshy Split
Good Luck Demo 2010
Lightnin’ Round Lightnin’ Round
The Manix Van Activities
Arms Aloft/Fake Boys Split
P.S. Eliot Living In Squalor
Wax Phantom Don’t Fool With A Phantom
The Holy Mess Benefit Sesh
House Boat Processing Complaints
The Fucking Cops Demo
Like Bats Look On The Bright Side
Constantines Daytrotter Session
That’s about as good of a list as you’re going to get from someone who spent the last year and a half listening to the same two albums over and over again while drinking and giving no fucks about “the scene”. I recognize that there were a bunch of other decent to good realeases but nothing else ended up sticking. So fuck yourselves. 

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