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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Lemuria это indie/punk трио из Баффоло. Группа была образована в 2004 году. До последнего времени, на счету группы были альбом «Get Better», несколько EP, сплитов и сборник «The First Collection», включающий в себя ранние материалы 2005го и 2006го годов. В начале 2011 года группа выпустила новый лонгплей «Pebble», а также новый сплит на 7" вместе с Cheap Girls.
Думаю группа не нуждается в большом представление и я перейду сразу к делу...
Еще в начале февраля я договорился с Шиной насчет интервью, но у них был тур в поддержку нового альбома и мы чуть чуть перенесли интервью. В течение тура мы списывались, и она была действительно добра ко мне и сожалела, что так получается. После окончания тура(в начале марта), она написала мне письмо, что готова полностью ответить на все интересующие меня вопросы, но тут уже я из-за некоторой занятости, был не в силах составить и отправить вопросы. С этой проблемой мне любезно решила помочь подруга из Киева, Настя Гласс.
После всех злых обстоятельств интервью наконец то готово.
Интервью с Sheena Ozzella!

Hi there. How’re you?

Hi! i am very good! just finished baking peanutbutter cookies!

Tell me a little about the name “Lemuria”. Where did it come from?and tell me some words about "Team Chocolate"

When lemuria first started, alex was starting to get into greek mythology and conspiracy theory stuff. he loved books by David Icke. this is when he first learned about the lost continent of lemuria. i knew how interested he was in all of it, so i said yes when he proposed we name our band after it!

Team chocolate was an acoustic band that i did with my friend Eric Ellman. we had alot of fun doing it but we were both in different bands that became more active, so team chocolate got put on the back burner for a while. eric ellman is in an incredible band now called the Failures' Union.
Team Chocolate

Recently you’ve been busy touring and recording a new album so much that you haven’t updated the news on your website; perhaps you have a couple of interesting stories for the entire period of busyness?

We spent the entire summer of 2010 touring and recording. it was intense being gone that long from our families and partners, but the summer was amazing. we were just excited to get our second album out and start touring on that and playing new songs! one of my favorite memories of that summer tour was when we hit the west coast. the pacific ocean is the best to swim in! 

The “Pebble” album has a distinctive frame of mind. What is it about?

Alex wrote the lyrics for all but one of the songs on pebble. i think he would say that the theme of the album is about growing up and feeling as though he has really started to mature. over the last 10 years, Alex and i have developed a relationship like brother and sister. i could sing anything he writes lyrically and i can understand where he is coming from when he writes. his lyrics have become a really special part of my life.
i did write 'the one' and its mainly about not understanding how someone can love you unconditionally. sometimes you are lucky enough to meet someone who truly does love you.

Many men, many minds; what do you think about the latest Lemuria’s release?

I'm very proud of pebble and im very glad we have taken our time to write it. that was one of the things i stressed to alex about get better and before we recorded pebble. we will take our time and will continue to release the things we are most proud of as a band.

Which bands with female vocals do you like?

I love neko case, patsy cline, loretta lynn, laura stevenson and the cans, the muffs, magnetic fields, fleetwood mac, slingshot dakota, des ark,....the list goes on forever!

How do you think what’s the difference between Lemuria and other existing punk bands nowadays?

Well, we grew up in the buffalo music scene which was predominately hardcore while we were first getting started. i think when lemuria started we thought we were doing something new in the buffalo scene by playing 90's indie rock and we started playing hardcore shows. im glad to see the fusion of all genres and shows with diverse line-ups. bands can sound totally different but still support one another. 

What was the reason for living the Asian Man Records?

We decided to team up with bridge 9 because the have great distribution, financially could support our release, and continue to support all of their bands. we love mike park and asian man and he was very supportive of our decision to release records with bridge 9 because as of late he told us he could not do as much for us and our release. asian man is releasing great records still and we are so happy to have been apart of the family for so long.

Is there a band with which you desire to perform or/and go on tour?

Well, honestly, we talk about how awesome it would be to go on tour with paramore! they have such intense energy live! also, i just learned that FLOOR is touring and it is a personal dream to see them again and play with them! 

What are the latest musical releases you’re pleased with?

i love the newer superchunk album, majesty shredding. i also really enjoy the new laura stevenson and the cans record.

What show will you never forget? Please tell why, when and where did it happen?

this past summer we played a show in san Francisco at a venue called 'bottom of the hill'. my boyfriends 81 year old grandma came to see us play as well as his aunt and it was really amazing! also, we played a few shows with one of my favorite bands, leatherface, specifically at asbury lanes in New jersey. the lead singer/guitarist, frankie stubbs, used my guitar when they played and it was magical.

Do American and European shows differ? Maybe there are existing advantages and disadvantages?

we just toured europe once, a few years back and we were amazed that we were fed at every show! all in all, we were able to do so much more when we toured europe because we were so excited to be in europe, seeing castles and the eiffel tower, and buckingham palace! there is so much amazing history preserved in europe and i think people from america take our own history for granted most of the time. when we tour the states, we barely ever do tourist like stuff. the only disadvantage is the language barrier sometimes. 

You’ve got a super-session on Nervous Energies Sessions; are you satisfied with it? 

Yes, Ryan Russell is the best and we are so lucky to have met him and gotten the chance to have him film and photograph us. 

What bands are in your playlist lately?

I am developing a thing for country music so i have been listening to alot of loretta lynn, gillian welch, hank williams, lucinda williams....ect.

On what song would you like to make a cover?

We have been talking about trying to tackle a fleetwood mac song. the instrumentation on their albums is very intimidating to try and repeat. maybe one day when we are better musicians, or are willing to take on a real challenge! :)

You have a show, that is called “In bed with Lemuria”, don’t you? Where did you get an idea of such?

haha, yes, we have a few episodes of 'in bed with lemuria'. we mostly liked interviewing our friends awkwardly in their rooms and thought the idea was fun just for us! hopefully other people like it and can get a laugh or two.

What do you usually try and do when you have a couple of days off back home?Do you have any hobbies except music?

Well, currently, i go to pastry school. this is one of my passions besides music. this may i will be done with school and i will move to washington D.C. to live with my boyfriend of 2 years. Alex runs a record label called art of the underground and also runs a silk screening company so he stays busy with that! max, our bassist is a real wild child and travels for jobs as a production manager for festivals. he also works with the band anti-flag when they tour.

Does Lemuria have its favorite dish? What do you like to have for lunch in tours and not only?

Collectively i would say we all love fancy salads! we stop at whole foods alot on tour for their salad bar. also, all you do is eat on tour, boredum in the van is dangerous!!, but we try and make our meals alittle healthier when we can to balance it out. we all love sushi too, we try to eat sushi as much as possible always!

What were for you personally the best and worst moments of 2010?

Best-recording pebble and working with jay robbins and deciding to move to washington D.C. in may of 2011

Worst- our van, gary, getting hit by a tractor trailor on the highway and leaving us van-less. (no one in lemuria was actually in the van at the time, our friend biff was the one in the accident and he was perfectly okay...just our van got wrecked.) :( 

What are your plans for 2011?

RUSSIA! :) and touring the rest of europe in the late summer early fall of 2011!!!

Do you have an idea about Russian/Ukrainian punk scene? If it’s so, what do you think about it; maybe you can name some bands?

I have no knowledge of russian punk but am very excited to become involved in some when we head over in the summer! 

Lemuria in Russia/Ukraine this summer:Are you interested in visiting Russian/Ukrainian cities?

I wish we could stay in russia longer than our tour route is allowing, but we are happy to get any time at all! will we be seeing you? im very excited to be introduced to russian food, i have no idea what to expect! 

What words could you devote to your fans all over the world?

Thanks for giving us a chance to make music we love and tour the world! 

Special question for you: what does a star-tattoo on your chest mean?

haha, well, it has no real was the first tattoo i got when i was 18 and i just liked purple stars. though i could think of one million things i would have rather gotten, it is definitely a part of me and i dont know if i could ever tattoo over it. 

Thanks for the interview! sorry it has taken me so long to get it back to you!