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Monday, June 20, 2011

The memories

Well i guess i just never mentioned about emo music here(except the emo diaries), but it will not be something new, just the memories for me.
Quality nostalgia thread this week.

Cap' N Jazz

Cap'n Jazz is the core of all emo music. Although being short lived, they were highly influential, Cap'n Jazz helped transform emo from a deeply underground punk subgenre into a more widely accepted subset of indie rock.

Cap'n Jazz is one of my favorite bands of all time. Anytime I need to feel something out, a pick me up, or just want to get my mind off things, I almost always invariably turn my iPod to Analphabetapolothology.
Cap'n Jazz were an emo/punk band formed in the early 1990's in Buffalo Grove, IL by high school friends Tim Kinsella (vocals), Victor Villareal (guitar), and Sam Zurick (bass), along with Tim's younger brother Mike (drums). The band released a couple of EPs and appeared on several local compilations before adding Milwaukee native Davey vonBohlen on second guitar in 1994.
Their discography was as scant as it was rare, but that very obscurity helped build their underground legend through word of mouth, until a double-CD retrospective was finally issued several years after their breakup. By that time, most of the members had moved on to other, better-known emo bands, most notably Joan of Arc and the highly successful Promise Ring, which helped spread Cap'n Jazz's influence far beyond their original audience.
 The group released their lone LP in the spring of 1995 and broke up while on tour later than summer. Their last show was in Little Rock, Arkansas where they broke up on the road, reportedly because Victor ended up in the hospital from overdosing and he was a trainwreck of self destructive behavior.
But what a double album it is - a sloppy, cryptic, energetic, engaging masterpiece - and it's being reissued by their erstwhile label, Jade Tree, as a double vinyl LP on June 15, 2010. To celebrate, the guys are getting the band back together for a set of reunion shows in select cities, including two sold-out shows in their hometown of Chicago.

 If you've missed out on this groundbreaking band's music thus far, there's no better time than the present to check it out.

Boys 16 To 18 Years...Age Of Action 1993
Sometimes If You Stand Further Away From Something, It Does Not Seem As Big.Sometimes You Can Stand So Close To Something You Can Not Tell What You Are Looking At 1993
Friction & Cap'n Jazz "Nothing Dies With Blue Skies" 1995
Burritos, Inspiration Point, Fork Balloon Sports, Cards In The Spokes, Automatic Biographies, Kites, Kung Fu, Trophies, Banana Peels We've Sleepd On, And Egg Shells We've Tippy Toed Over 1995
Analphabetapolothology 1998
Download (i left my tattoos at home blog)

The Promise Ring
What can i say something new about this unique band, when all is said and done? Computers are crazy these days, you can find info everywhere..... But I just couldn't help but mention about The Promise Ring.
When I think about 1997, I think about The Promise Ring. No, I never saw them live. No, I probably never drove long nights listening to them, BUT I think I spent hours in my room listening to these albums. It was a very time and place band for me. Nothing Feels Good got constant play in my room; it matches almost any mood. Must have been good for those melancholy afternoons. And The Promise Ring was instrumental in helping me find good music. I feel bad for people who haven't listened to this band.

Demo (Tape)

Falsetto Keeps Time [EP] 7"

30 Degrees Everywhere

The Horse Latitudes

 Nothing Feels Good

Boys + Grils [EP]

Very Emergency

Electric Pink

Wood Water

The Promise Ring/Texas Is The Reason [Split EP] 7"
Download(90's emo blog)


Most people associate Maritime with who they used to be: Emo pioneers The Promise Ring. Maritime is pretty sweet as well. Not nearly as good as The Promise Ring, but still awesome. And I have to admit, at times this is precisely why I listened to them in the first place and have continued to pay attention to them over the years. Yeah they put out 2 really good records since their debut but it felt like they hadn’t quite reached their potential yet. Maritime began as 1/2 The Promise Ring - Davey and Dan with 1/3 The Dismemberment Plan Eric Axelson. One would expect similarities to The Promise Ring - however Davey and Dan managed to create a unique sound of indie pop. The debut EP titled Adios was released in 2003 of Foreign Leisure - the bands own label. The EP was just a start up for the full length premier of The Glass Floor - a witty, earnest display of pop punk - very clear a new beginning for members coming from prestigious bands.

"Maritime formed in 2003 out of the ashes of The Promise Ring and The Dismemberment Plan. After these two bands broke up, singer/guitarist Davey von Bohlen, drummer Dan Didier (of The Promise Ring) and bassist Eric Axelson (of The Dismemberment Plan) hooked up and started a band called In English. The group quickly signed a deal with the record label, ANTI-, and hired J. Robbins to produce their record. Robbins had previously produced records for both The Promise Ring and The Dismemberment Plan. After delivering the record to ANTI-, the label heads decided to pass on the record. The band changed their name to Maritime and signed with DeSoto Records. The band went on tour and self-released an EP called Adios on their own label, Foreign Leisure. On April 1, 2004 the band released their debut full-length album, Glass Floor on Desoto Records.
On February 6, 2006, Eric Axelson announced he was leaving the band. He was replaced on bass guitar by Justin Klug.
Their second album, We, the Vehicles, was released April 18, 2006, on Flameshovel Records to wide critical acclaim.
Their third album, Heresy and the Hotel Choir, was released October 16, 2007 also on Flameshovel Records in the US and was released on Grand Hotel van Cleef in Germany on October 12, 2007, who also released Martime´s other two albums in Europe. "Guns of Navarone" was the first single from the new album."

So after taking a long uncharacteristic hiatus, they finally released Human Hearts. While the other albums were important stepping stones of self-discovery, I think this record is the pinnacle of what they’ve been moving towards… and it only took a 4 year break. "Annihilation Eyes" may be the best song they've ever recorded and this record is more balanced between upbeat and slower songs than in the past and the result is probably their best work yet…

Adios EP (2003)

Glass Floor (2004)

We, The Vehicles (2006)

Heresy And Hotel Choir (2007)

Human Hearts (2011)

It was a great weekend, all of it, the whole thing was wonderful. Nowadays I have a pretty comfortable life. I have some a problem with work and i don't know how to fix it? But i'm really happy and listened all those bands last week. The memories. Hell, this list could go on forever-Owls, American Football, Joan of Arc, Jets to Brazil, Braid, Texas is the Reason, Boys Life, etc. The emo has an amazing scene right now (as always) and a lot of incredible bands popping up, I would definitely check out By Surprise, Footnotes, Snowing, You Blew It, Summit, Everyone Everywhere, Grown Ups. Hell, so many awesome bands! 
I will write soon about this...

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