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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Behind Punk Mixtape #11

Here's the 14 awesome bands and 14 newest songs.  If you enjoy the music on this mix, support the artists by purchasing their albums or songs. It really does help!
Well, hope you enjoy it! thanks
Also, I have about 5-6 rad things that will be out this autumn, I could use some money to help fund them… Some releases is still available, If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, you still can at
More hugs, less shrugs

01. You'll Live - Pretty Good Rainbow
02. Duck. Little Brother, Duck! - Calvin Young
03. Sirs - Parading
04. Coping - B
05. Glocca Morra - Eat the Fucking Snow
06. Prawn - Donald Domesky
07. Everyone Everywhere - Turn & Go & Turn
08. Spook Houses - Bad Sound
09. Big Awesome - Living With Love
10. Dads - Get to the Beach
11. Swearin' - Here to Hear
12. Sundials - Unpredictable
13. The Smith Street Band - Tom Busby
14. The Mountain Goats - Cry for Judas

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