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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Best Albums, Ep's, Split's of 2012

Well, here ya go.
I'm sure I've probably missed something. However, a great year for music.
 If you enjoy the music, support the artists by purchasing their albums or songs.


Olive Drab - Girl

Olive Drab is made up of members of Hightide Hotel, Snowing, and a couple others. This is their first release and i love it. Nice band.

Restorations - A/B

‘A’ and ‘B’ are both great songs, they are also great examples variety within genre and therefore, we should all expect a delightful album (which will be on SideOneDummy), these two songs are nothing short of breathtaking.

Bangers - Good Livin'

This EP will be a sleeper hit, but a solid release for Kiss of Death/Specialist Subject/Angry Chuck Records(RUSSIA!) , do yourself a favor and just give this EP a few listens and you’ll be a fan too.

Shook Ones - MerriweatherPostPavilion

To be honest I'm not a big fan of 'Shook Ones', but MerriweatherPostPavilion and Fancy is a great songs. Can't wait to hear Shook Ones/Death Is Not Glamorours Split.

Crow Bait - Split Songs

Features members of Iron Chic, Jonesin’, Sister Kisser and a bunch more bands. These songs are written so well, and they are a ton of fun. Get in on this band before they blow up.

Sister Kisser/Rumspringer Split

 Rumspringer is super hooky, melodic pop-punk from Arizona, and the good ol' Long Island boys in Sister Kisser power through with more of that urgent, heartfelt, melodic punk rock we know and love. 

Cerce - Cerce

Cerce is a Boston, MA based band who play a great style of female fronted hardcore, punk, and post hardcore. Probably my favorite band in hardcore right now. Amazing band

Prawn - Ships

"Prawn seem to do everything right on Ships. From its perfect balance of post-rock atmosphere and twinkly emo riffs, to its no filler 29 minute runtime, Prawn feel like a band that has finally found their sound and a band who knows exactly what they're doing. With the growth Prawn have made over their three releases, and with Ships being their best effort yet, it's easy to envision Prawn at the top of the emo food chain in the near future."

White Lung - S/T

Captain, We're Sinking - Montreal

Not going to stop listening to it. Montreal on repeat

Onsind - Mildred, Margie, Annie, Clarice

I was really impressed when I first heard this, such a solid album, brilliant lyrics and emotion.

Timeshares/Dividers Split

Alright, I'm sure most of you know who this bands is by now. All of their stuff has been put on the blog in the past here, so what can I say that hasn't already been said.  Amazing split by 2 amazing bands

Dividers - Anjelica Huston: We Have A Problem

Yes. I love this guys.

Glocca Morra - An Obscure Moon Lighting An Obscure World

What can I say about this album that hasn’t already been said by tons of people.. I’ll just say it, amazing! I remember two years ago when I first heard Glocca Morra, and I loved the songs a lot.There’s really something for everyone here—twinkly guitars for the emo revival set, loud noise for the punk crowd, drug references, Arrested Development references…it’s all here. 

Spraynard - Exton Square

Funtitled was one of my favorite records of 2011 but Exton Square got me excited about the future and wanting more.  I'm super bummed that they're breaking up... Best dudes


Rockets On Wire - I Am Not Your Home

Titus Andronicus - Local Business

Ok, so it’s not the Monitor. Titus still make some fucking amazing shambling rock n roll. I love it.

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead... - Lost Songs

I don't know much about this band, but this album is great

MewithoutYou - Ten Stories

Fang Island - Major

Best Practices - The EP LP

Sirs - S/T

 If you love fast paced punk rock, mixed with math rock, and tons of emo influence, this album will be your favorite.

The Ambulars - Dreamers Asleep At The Wheel

Fierce Brosnan - This Is Our Home And We Won't Let It Go

New Bruises - Chock Full Of Misery

White Lung - Sorry

Cloud Nothings - Attack On Memory

Attack on Memory is a really great indie-rock album. This is what a indie-rock record in 2012 should sound like.

Apologies, I Have None - London

Like Bats - Midwest Nothing

The most underrated band. Take it listen

John K. Samson - Provincial

This album will put you in a relaxed mood no matter how stressful of a day you’ve had. Best lyrics ever.

Japandroids - Celebration Rock

When I first heard this, I thought it would be my album of the year. Every song is a goddamn anthem celebrating life.

Coping - Nope

'Nope' is Coping's new and the last album, unfortunately they broke up... but I think this record is a nice farewell. 

Hold Tight - Blizzard Of '96

So it’s no surprise that Hold Tight’s newest album is full of plenty of great singalong pop-punk songs. 

Sundials - When I Couldn't Breathe

I must have listened to it 20 times that first week. So catchy and just flat out rockin’. Super happy these guys ended up on Asian Man and what a great album to kick off that partnership. 

Glocca Morra - Just Married

This is the album of the year, in my opinion of course. Pretty sure I listened to this record more than anything else this entire year. Do yourself a favor and go listen to it right now.


  1. Glocca Morra очень сильно удивили и понравились! до этого никогда не слушал. очень очень очень напоминают Algernon и немного Joyce Manor, но в исключительно хорошем смысле


  3. I love you, your blog is great, thank you for sharing music! Some great shit in this post! ONSIND, Cerce, White Lung ... If you like my music, you should share it!

    it's freeeee

  4. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead is a great band, check out their album Source Tags & Codes if you get a chance